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  • We now have an app you can use for android devices!    if you would like to use it download it via the google play store and try it out!

  • We have updated to add a Live Tv Channel option, which will be the new main Tv for TLB moving forward click    to try it out! (Episodes we still be up if you wish to view them)

  • You can click the square below your books, to go to the direct book page, instead of having the books all loading onto a page at once.

  • We have now added Audio to Some Books in the Library! look for the symbol or search for "Audio" to try it out.

  • Back to School Bookshelf Updates have been made, Check out some new Books!

  • Quick Scroll Function: is now Available on TLB and TLB +Plus!

  • Check out the New "Find Books!" Button, Just Click to have a Book Randomly Selected from the Bookshelf for You!

  • Bookshelves have been Updated with New Books!

  • New Episode on TLBTV

  • The TLB Bookshelf will be open to Non-members for Limited use this Sunday

  • New Features in the works!

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