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The Learning Backpack is an Online Interactive Library for Kids, Youth, Teachers, Parents, and Families of all learning levels and abilities, to Read some of their favorite Books.

We have some of the most popular and engaging books and book series for helping to educate and inspire Reading, Learning and to further expand Academic Skills and Knowledge Online.

We offer many resources for helping to educate and expand knowledge beyond just books, like our own Educationally curated TV Channel, full of quality programming and Shows, many different Learning Games, and Printable Resources.

We boast a very vast selection of books that we constantly update but also keep it simple and easy to use, by not overwhelming you with an excessive amount of irrelevant titles. This makes it easier for you to find a Great Read!

Enjoy the Library!



With the Learning Backpack Library Card you will be able to access everything in our Library.

Upon Arriving at our website you will automatically be in a preview mode in which you can view and access everything until your time eventually runs out.

Check out TLB TV! A collection of educational shows put together to further help kids learn.


The Learning Backpack Plus Library Card allows you to enjoy more Added +Books, +Shows, and +Games in The Learning Backpack Library.



The Learning Backpack for "Teachers and Parents" is a small modest Library of Quality Printable: Worksheets, Workbooks and Craft Activity Resources for Teachers and/or Parents to Print instantly to help their students and children further improve their Reading, Math, Mind Development and overall academic skills in many areas.


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