How to

How-to and Using the Site
Pretty much straight forward ! Please note that we have loads of books to choose from and different ways that we are always implementing for you to be able to select them. We are always making changes, updating features, and having exclusive giveaways, so please check out our Facebook page and/or our Announcements tab on the home page to find out about our latest news. If you would like to be informed by email you can subscribe to our newsletter to be updated that way as well.
Quick Scroll is our newest feature, which allows you to be able to select books and browse the library faster, since it is a new feature it only has a very small percentage of all the books in our library and does not reflect our entire selection as of yet.

The primary way to view books would be to go to "BOOKSHELF/PRINTABLES" at the top of the page and then use the "next" and "last" buttons to scroll 5 books at a time, in which the shelf will keep updating, but an even faster way depending on the speed of the device you are using, may be to just go to "SEARCH" at the top of the page and double tap the search bar and a drop-down list of books, keywords and titles will be displayed, in which you can then search and read the selected book.
If you click "Find me a Book" the library will select a randomized book for you.

Once you have purchased your subscription, it is active, and you will be billed on the subscription date corresponding to the plan you choose, (monthly, 3 months, yearly) if/until otherwise cancelled. The system will cancel your subscription autonomously if your payment method is unable to be processed, but you may resubscribe at anytime if this ends up happening.

*Note: After Signing Up you will get an email from Tinypass/Piano our account management system providers like the one below. After you login and create your new password you are good to go!

Ease of Use
Please note that of all the internet browsers we have tested and tried, the Chrome and Firefox Browsers have primarily displayed the best and most efficient optimal use for using and experiencing the site. They are both very simple to get as well. Other browsers may not be able to display the site correctly or as well, depending on the device you use.
Also, if you are viewing the site on a device from a school or organization and notice that the books/video are suddenly missing or are not being displayed; this is because sometimes the security software may over-zealously block sites that TLB will need in order to be displayed and run correctly, if this is the case you will have to get an administrator to white-list or unblock these sites in order for The Learning Backpack to be displayed and run correctly.

If you ever have any feedback or experience an issue with something, just send us a message at and we will be more than happy to help!