Technical Support

The Learning Backpack Technical Support

Logging In and Out

After Signing up, whenever you visit The Learning Backpack you will automatically be Signed in. But in case you experience that you are not already logged in, to access TLB, you can simply use the Login button on the homepage or click the "blue" sign in button to Login.

The Books are not showing?

If your issue wasn't solved by the above answer then the problem is probably your flash player. Make sure you have the latest version or a good solid running version of flash player installed.
Also, please make sure that you are viewing the site from the Chrome or Firefox Browsers, these are primarily the browsers that we have tested, and have the most efficient optimal use for viewing the site. They are both very simple to get as well. Other browsers might not be able to display the site correctly depending on the device you are using; so this will most likely solve this issue. Note that we are always updating our capability preferences, but for now of the browsers we've tested these two work the best.
Also, if you are viewing the site on a device from a school or organization and notice that the books/video are suddenly missing or are not being displayed; this is because sometimes the security software may over-zealously block sites that TLB will need in order to be displayed and run correctly, if this is the case you will have to get an administrator to white-list or unblock these sites in order for The Learning Backpack to be displayed and run correctly.

Viewing Books on The Learning Backpack via Tablet

If you are Accessing Books on The Learning Backpack via Tablet, you might see the screen above as opposed to the regular icons depending on which device you are using, if you do, in this case just tap the double arrows (circled in the red above) and the Book(s) will open up in full screen as usual. Then either tap or swipe to the right to turn the pages.

If you still experience an issue that is not covered, just send us a message at marked "technical support" and we will get back to as soon as we can.